Feature Ideas


  1. The ability to create a timer (countdown timer) on the quiz page to motivate players to complete the quiz.

    If someone completes a quiz within a specific time period (for example, five minutes for 10 questions), they are then automatically directed to a secret (hidden) landing page where they can claim their prize.

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  2. Scratch Tickets

    Would be great for discounts based on what is revealed if you could randomize and control the rate at which each discount could appear.

    Anonymous Okapi
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  3. GDPR

    Please secure our data in accordance to GDPR standards šŸ˜Š

    Anonymous Crane


  4. Folders To Organize Images

    As the size of the account grows with more images and content, organizing the images and finding it when I need it will become an issue. using folders or tags will make it less of a headache to find what I want when I want.

    Anonymous Caracal
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  5. More customization options

    Please allow us to customize more things, such as: Image sizes/position Font types/sizes Border styles (radius, thickness, style, etc) Button styles (size, radius, padding, margin, style, hover effect, capital letters, etc) Shadow boxes on or off Adding HTML elements (to add links in text or something else)

    Anonymous Crocodile
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  6. Engaging buttons with interactive sounds.

    attractive sounds for students when they click on the buttons, for example, when the student answers a question correctly, he is supposed to hear an encouraging and festive sound, and when he answers the question incorrectly, he hears a sad sound, and so on, all buttons must have attractive interactive sounds

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  7. Crossword puzzle

    A crossword puzzle game involves words and a grid made up of white and black squares and is wonderful to apply in the educational context. The objective of this game is to fill in the white squares with words or phrases based on a set of clues provided alongside the grid. The words are arranged in both horizontal and vertical directions, and they intersect at particular letters within the grid.

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  8. Option to remove "back" button

    Provide an option to remove the "back" button after a user has clicked on a selection. This is to ensure that there is a linear flow for lead funnels.

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  9. Confetti burst when people get things right-increase gamification

    Option for confetti burst when people get things right. Confetti origin area that they have just clicked, left, right, top, bottom or center coming towards the viewer.



  10. Sudoku, Mazes, Word Search, Crossword, Hangman, Word Scramble and more!

    This will be a great FEATURE game for adults and kids, BRAIN POWER

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  11. Word Search Game

    Online word search games (find the words provided in a grid). People find this activity very relaxing which is why it is often included in magazines and newspaper. A Word Search would also be very useful as a learning tool for younger students to help them develop literacy.

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  12. Give out digital certificate when someone finish a quiz or a educational game successfully.

    This is a good idea for educational content. This when when the student gets the quiz right he gets a certificate at the end. We can customize the certificate with our logo and text and it should put the name of the student who took the test.

    Jad F
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  13. "X" number of Questions from Question Bank in Random order in the given time.

    Ability to create gamification with a quiz/Trivia/Memory Game/Puzzle/Personality/Hidden Objects/Then & Now/Flip Cards/Find a pair/Treasure hunt/Horoscope and so on where I want to have 100's of questions and answers but every time a visitor visits, only "X" number questions from the bank should be shown randomly in the given time? Suppose I have 500 questions in the Quiz and I set up a quiz for 10 minutes then every time a visitor visits, X amounts of questions are shown randomly from 500 questions depending on the time set in the setup (in this case 10 minutes). This way visitors will be motivated to visit next time as every time they will be greeted with new questions. Thanks

    Anonymous Anchovies
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  14. šŸ‘ļø VISUAL Quiz Builder (as Chatbot visual builders)

    Examples: ā€¢ Tryinteract.com visual Builder called Branch Logic Editor. This is THE BEST example - https://d.pr/ntF8Kh ā€¢ Thrivethemes.com/quizbuilder - thrive Quiz Bulder also has that well implemented. But it is just for WordPress. ā€¢ Smartquizbuilder.com ā€” they have but it is poorly implemented. It is just for WordPress. ā€¢ Formaloo.net ā€” they have but it is poorly implemented. This VISUAL Quiz Builder could be your BIG competitive advantage in sales, as most of people are VISULA. This definitely will help work faster and smarter to most of us - your users!

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  15. Use text, numbers, sliders, dates, and other question types

    Use text, numbers, sliders (E.g. likert from 1-7), dates, and other question types - Allows one to run mini science studies

    Anonymous Snail
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