Feature Ideas

  1. Daily auto content change

    We add the updates (news, images, text updates) on interacty and it syncs to the websites where we embed the code. We can set the time (every day at 8) when new content from our list is automatically changes. The goal is that the user always find new content. Example https://github.com/alexandersandberg/placekeanu.com



  2. Calculator

    Sales margin, transformation ratio, monthly budget planner, ROI, daily protein do I need… and much more

    Anonymous Himalayan
    #Improvement πŸ‘#BUSINESS#EDUCATION


  3. Block: Poll

    This block will help you create a simple poll in your interactive project.

    #Improvement πŸ‘


  4. Quote wall

    A wall of quotes with multiple tabs to choose from categories, like a mosaic image gallery, but with quotes.



  5. Spin the Wheel Game

    I was surprised that there was no spin-the-wheel game. I'd love to see something like Press Your Luck (https://www.rusnakcreative.com/gameshow/press_your_luck) or just a regular spin for points kind of game (https://codecanyon.net/search/spin%20wheel).

    Anonymous Megalodon


  6. Math Picture Puzzle Games

    Many popular games include math picture puzzle games. I have found these to do well on social media. I think being able to build custom math puzzle games would be great for my brand. See example: https://www.the99puzzle.com/picture-puzzles/mathematics-equations-picture-puzzles-for-genius-with-answers-puzz160/

    Anonymous Cockatoo
    #Improvement πŸ‘#EDUCATION


  7. Improvement of the Puzzle with a 3x3 Option

    A simple request - the current puzzle options are to create a 2x2, 4x4. 6x6...etc. (whis is fine) A 3x3 option is missing, and we have found that the 4x4 is a bit too frustrating (even for adults), and the 2x2 is a bit too easy, even for young children -

    Chris A
    #Improvement πŸ‘


  8. HTML code block - ie adsense

    be great to allow a place in multi step items to have a code block that can load each page - this will generate more page views and AdSense revenue

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  9. Add sound

    For example, memory game, where one card is a picture and the pair card is a voiced word. One more example for tests: question is a picture, and several options for answers, which are voiced, not typed. Or vice versa, a voiced question, and pictures as answers. This is a good and very needed idea for learning languages.

    #Content 🎞️


  10. Multiple then and now images (5 images)

    Options for multiple images for then and now, even 5 different images.



  11. "X" number of Questions from Question Bank in Random order in the given time.

    Ability to create gamification with a quiz/Trivia/Memory Game/Puzzle/Personality/Hidden Objects/Then & Now/Flip Cards/Find a pair/Treasure hunt/Horoscope and so on where I want to have 100's of questions and answers but every time a visitor visits, only "X" number questions from the bank should be shown randomly in the given time? Suppose I have 500 questions in the Quiz and I set up a quiz for 10 minutes then every time a visitor visits, X amounts of questions are shown randomly from 500 questions depending on the time set in the setup (in this case 10 minutes). This way visitors will be motivated to visit next time as every time they will be greeted with new questions. Thanks

    Anonymous Anchovies
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Deal Breaker πŸ’”#Learning πŸ“–


  12. Wordpress plugin / integration

    Wordpress integration so that Interacty content can be embedded into Wordpress pages / posts using a non-iframe method so the there is SEO benefit to the content.

    Anonymous Numbat
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Integrations πŸ”—


  13. Detailed Quiz Results

    Extend the character limit from 500 characters to 5000. This would allow quiz creators to include more information if their quiz results lead to certain products that the creator would like to sell. Also allow the use of Bold and Italics / underline in the final result to create better result pages.

    Anonymous Zebra


  14. Scratch Tickets

    Would be great for discounts based on what is revealed if you could randomize and control the rate at which each discount could appear.

    Anonymous Okapi
    #Improvement πŸ‘#BUSINESS


  15. Many More Templates

    Get Someone to develop a lot of quality templates for all imaginable use-cases. Buzzfeed would be an inspiration!

    Anonymous Moth
    #Deal Breaker πŸ’”#Content 🎞️