Feature Ideas


  1. "X" number of Questions from Question Bank in Random order in the given time.

    Ability to create gamification with a quiz/Trivia/Memory Game/Puzzle/Personality/Hidden Objects/Then & Now/Flip Cards/Find a pair/Treasure hunt/Horoscope and so on where I want to have 100's of questions and answers but every time a visitor visits, only "X" number questions from the bank should be shown randomly in the given time? Suppose I have 500 questions in the Quiz and I set up a quiz for 10 minutes then every time a visitor visits, X amounts of questions are shown randomly from 500 questions depending on the time set in the setup (in this case 10 minutes). This way visitors will be motivated to visit next time as every time they will be greeted with new questions. Thanks

    Anonymous Anchovies
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  2. Math Picture Puzzle Games

    Many popular games include math picture puzzle games. I have found these to do well on social media. I think being able to build custom math puzzle games would be great for my brand. See example: https://www.the99puzzle.com/picture-puzzles/mathematics-equations-picture-puzzles-for-genius-with-answers-puzz160/

    Anonymous Cockatoo
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  3. Folders To Organize Images

    As the size of the account grows with more images and content, organizing the images and finding it when I need it will become an issue. using folders or tags will make it less of a headache to find what I want when I want.

    Anonymous Caracal
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  4. Automated certificates/badge

    Option to download the certificate or batch from each game you win

    Anonymous Wildebeest
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  5. Give out digital certificate when someone finish a quiz or a educational game successfully.

    This is a good idea for educational content. This when when the student gets the quiz right he gets a certificate at the end. We can customize the certificate with our logo and text and it should put the name of the student who took the test.

    Jad F
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  6. Block: Match

    Find and correctly match left and right options

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  7. Project gallery

    Each day we reveal the best project designed by our creative users!

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  8. Improvement of the Puzzle with a 3x3 Option

    A simple request - the current puzzle options are to create a 2x2, 4x4. 6x6...etc. (whis is fine) A 3x3 option is missing, and we have found that the 4x4 is a bit too frustrating (even for adults), and the 2x2 is a bit too easy, even for young children -

    Chris A
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  9. More customization options

    Please allow us to customize more things, such as: Image sizes/position Font types/sizes Border styles (radius, thickness, style, etc) Button styles (size, radius, padding, margin, style, hover effect, capital letters, etc) Shadow boxes on or off Adding HTML elements (to add links in text or something else)

    Anonymous Crocodile
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  10. CNAME

    we'd like to be able to create a cname/sub-domain option to be able to link directly into the content, rather then having to iframe/frame into it.



  11. Sale of projects

    Content authors (marketers, teachers, coaches) can sell their creatives via special lifetime links.

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  12. Adding video

    Ability to add video from youtube, vimeo and from your computer drive. You can also add only selected part of youtube video.

    Anonymous Seal


  13. 2 buttons in same line (for next & prev for pages

    2 buttons one line for connect pages prev and next

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  14. Bulk Creator

    A way to upload a csv file to bulk create items, should have image import from URL as well Once created allow a download of the URL / id of the quizzes made Save so much time instead of manually click / copy

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  15. Wordpress plugin / integration

    Wordpress integration so that Interacty content can be embedded into Wordpress pages / posts using a non-iframe method so the there is SEO benefit to the content.

    Anonymous Numbat
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