Feature Ideas

  1. Many More Templates

    Get Someone to develop a lot of quality templates for all imaginable use-cases. Buzzfeed would be an inspiration!

    Anonymous Moth
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  2. Fortune Wheel

    A fortune wheel with personalized options to interact in courses and conferences

    Anonymous Wildebeest
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  3. Use text, numbers, sliders, dates, and other question types

    Use text, numbers, sliders (E.g. likert from 1-7), dates, and other question types - Allows one to run mini science studies

    Anonymous Snail
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  4. A Bingo Card

    The participants would do things that match the squares on a bingo card. They would try to get 5 in a row or to fill a whole bingo card to make progress, get prizes or compete against one another. For examples, do a Google search for "activity bingo card"

    Anonymous Flamingo
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  5. Google sheets

    Google sheets integration for lead collection.

    Anonymous Avocet
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  6. Possibility to increase the chance of winning through sharing

    The possibility to increase the chance of winning by sharing, like Gleam or Kingsumo does, would be a brilliant combination and could make the quiz go viral quickly. For example, I solve a puzzle, get into the lottery pot and increase my chances of winning by sharing the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, via mail, etc.. Or by watching another info video, etc.

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  7. Branching logic feature, quiz progress bar

    Do you have any plans to bring in the Branching logic feature, or quiz progress bar feature?

    Nusrat J
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  8. Expand Leaderboard feature to all game types

    Currently, the automatic leaderboard feature can only be applied to Memory games, Hidden objects, Puzzle and Find Pair. This is limiting in doing any type of proper competition. Please consider having the leaderboard feature on games like Treasure hunt, Quiz...... any game where participants can input text-based answers. This will be a killer feature. Participants love seeing real-time scores and leaderboards. This important feature should be extended to all games, and it will make interacty so much more valuable.

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  9. Add Custom CSS to the project

    Want to style the elements via a CSS block on a per project, page, or element level (whichever is easiest).

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  10. Add your font

    Adding fonts is a way to stay consistent with our brand. Could you please consider adding it in a separate tab the way it's done let's say in GetStencil. Here is a screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/JruORyy9 Please, please, please, make our lives easier, help us implement our ideas the way it's consistent with our own design and brand :)

    Gulnara E
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  11. More Quiz Result Information

    Being able to show a person how they personally scored of all quiz outcomes (eg, 1st most =, 2nd most = ) not just the one they scored highest in.

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  12. "X" number of Questions from Question Bank in Random order in the given time.

    Ability to create gamification with a quiz/Trivia/Memory Game/Puzzle/Personality/Hidden Objects/Then & Now/Flip Cards/Find a pair/Treasure hunt/Horoscope and so on where I want to have 100's of questions and answers but every time a visitor visits, only "X" number questions from the bank should be shown randomly in the given time? Suppose I have 500 questions in the Quiz and I set up a quiz for 10 minutes then every time a visitor visits, X amounts of questions are shown randomly from 500 questions depending on the time set in the setup (in this case 10 minutes). This way visitors will be motivated to visit next time as every time they will be greeted with new questions. Thanks

    Anonymous Anchovies
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  13. CNAME

    we'd like to be able to create a cname/sub-domain option to be able to link directly into the content, rather then having to iframe/frame into it.



  14. Social Share Button for Going Viral

    When someone finishes a quiz or game, I would love some social share buttons at the end screen. Then, and here is the important part, when someone clicks the Facebook share button, the link being shared will cause facebook to populate a specific share image (that the project creator specifies) and also some text (that the project creator specifies) challenging the friends of the user sharing to match their score. I think this is the key to making these quizzes and gamification things go viral. Here is some text that could appear "I scored 2/9 in the quiz! Take the Bears-Buccaneers matchup quiz and see if you can match my score!". To get this to work, some text would be pre-set by the project creator, but the score would obviously need to be dynamic and the wording would depend on the type of project. As an example, "I scored 2/9 in the quiz." would work great for a quiz but for a memory-match game a "I found all the matches in 25 seconds!" would probably work better.

    Matt Z


  15. Webhooks

    Pabbly/ webhooks for lead collection. EDIT 1: I renamed Idea "Pabbly/webhooks" -> "Webhooks" since a number of tools can be integrated via webhooks, not Pabbly only

    Anonymous Avocet
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